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"Lisa is a true professional with incredible customer services skills! You can always rely on her and can be assured that your books are done properly and accurately."

Roman Larionov

"As a CPA I am particular about referring to an outside bookkeeper. Lisa Peacock is awesome and I trust her expertise. Thanks Lisa"

Duncan Wilkes

"Lisa is a consummate professional in all that she does! She is not only a Wiz at Quick Books, but also a delight to work with...A 10++ for sure!"

Dale Waters

"Lisa with The Bluffton Bookkeeper is very knowledgeable and helps keep things perfectly organized. If you are looking for an expert on QuickBooks she is absolutely the best in the business. She is very trustworthy and I highly recommend her!"

Dean Klingenberg

"I hate Quickbooks! But I need it and Lisa is always the one talking me off a cliff and showing me easier ways to get things done. Thank you Lisa!"

Rachel Kelly

"When Compu-Net Systems opened our office in Bluffton, Lisa helped us setup our QuickBooks to be able to operate in Ohio and South Carolina. I would highly recommend Lisa for all your Bookkeeping needs."

Compu-Net Systems

"Lisa is a pleasure to work with and has all of the knowledge needed for your bookkeeping needs!"

Katie Thompson

"Lisa is wonderful! Her professionalism, patience and courtesy make working with her a pleasure. The business that I work for uses her services regularly and exclusively and we couldn't be happier."

Megan Sordi

"Lisa Peacock with Bluffton BookKeeper is a true-to-form life-saver! As a new business owner, I was a little lost when my CPA was asking specific questions regarding my expenses, etc. and I realized I needed help. S.O.S. in a big way. Lisa sat with me for almost 2 hours (the first time) and explained SO much. I learned how to manage my QuickBooks and she helped me reconcile all my accounts for the previous year. I can't imagine what my CPA bill would have looked like without her help in regards to getting everything organized. If you are looking for someone to train you on QuickBooks and help you understand how and why expenses should be coded the way they are, Lisa is the person to call! She and her team are wonderful to work with: I never feel rushed when working with them and even though I feel the answers to some of my questions should be obvious to me, they never make me feel that way. "

Abbi Keen